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I know, I'm really not in late haha !

But I think I'm gonna spend good times this year. Even if I don't celebrate Silvester with my friends (because no one can invite the others... MONEY PROBLEMS WHEN YOU HOLD US!!!!) Yes we need more and more money :( Ohhh, I didin't tell u guys, a geman boy is in love with me (a). Haha, no, it's not one of Tokio Hotel (unfortunatly..) but he lives near from HEIDE PARK in Soltau (you know, the park where Bill and Tom celebrate their 20 birthday ;)

That's so cool ! I hope I could meet them in reality one day.. because, to be honest, a relationship only on Internet, it's not what I search !

Also, in English class, I have the best level, I'm so proud :D :D :D. You know, in France, we don't have " A", "B" etc as grades, it's from 0 to 20. 0 = you're a dude. 20 = you're the best. And I have 18.93 ! Ok... We can say 19 ;D. 

But you know, I get bored on English class, 'cause I have the impression to don't progress... I wanna be bilingual, and I'm not --'. In my class, it's so strange... A lot of people don't understand what our teacher says... COME ONE !!!! IT'S SO SIMPLE TO SPEAK ENGLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH !!!!! I'm gonna kill them ! --'

Yeah, they HATE me because I understand.. So stupid they are. Haha, it makes me laugh out loud ! (a)

Talk with me people, I'm not a vampire, I don't bite ;D

( yes, I hate Twilight and every stuff realted to vampires... Because, for me, the only vampire is DRACULA ! )

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Comment by USkipper on December 10, 2011 at 10:43am

haha! you meant "0 = you're a dud", not "dude". Dude is like "buddy".
Perchance you were thinking of a "dude ranch"? (jk)

Srsly your English is very good.

RIGHT ON about Dracula. I also groove on The Mummy, Wolf Man,
Creature from The Black Lagoon, and a bunch more.

Those movies were the greatest!

Oh yes,

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you

you get an A+ (20)


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