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Meet&Greet with Cinema Bizarre! ;D

We had to sit on a bench before we could meet the guys, so my friend sat down and I sat in his lap. Then he started vibrating(?) with his legs, which gave me a massage, so I was sitting there like: Yea-a-a-ah, ma-a-ss-a-a-a-ge 8D
and then Strify walked in and looked me like: Weirdo :D
And then Jolanda got up and walked to Strify and said:”That’s Rosa. *pulls me up*” so then I was standing in front of Strify.
So I was like: Hi? :D
Strify: Hi! ^^ *hugs*
And then Kiro hugged me, but I hadn’t even noticed he was there.. so xD
And then Shin was there.. and he didn’t immediately hug me, so I was like: What? No hug? D:
And he smiled and hugged me too ^^
And then Strify asked where I lived, so I told him, and then he asked my friend.. and we an interesting conversation about places in the Netherlands XD
BTW, they loved my friend’s hair, because he had this huge tuft(?) and I had put a pink ribbon on it so it made them laugh.
And Strify asked: Did you do that? Or did she do it? ;D
Me: No, I did it xD
And Kiro was like: You’re a unicorn? X’D
My friend: Yeah XD

And then Romeo and Yu walked in, so we went to them and hugged them^^
And Romeo did a very manly handshake with my friend like: Hey Dude! ;D Nice shirt! Linkin Park, awesome! ;D
And Yu stood there agreeing with him
And I was like: ^^

And when Yu and I hugged we practically bumped into each other, because we both wanted to go the same way with our head, but yeah.. XD

And then I made them all sign a shirt for a friend of mine ^^

And then someone wanted to take pics of me and the guys.. so I first walked to Shin and asked him to sign my shoe, and then we took a pic.
And then we walked to Romeo, but the guy that was going to make a pic was caught up in a conversation with him. And Yu and me were standing there like: okay.. so what now?
So I walked over to Yu and made him sign my other shoe, which he did with a terribly cute smile on his face ^^
And then Romeo was done with the conversation so I could get a picture of him and Yu
And Yu was like: Come here in the middle! ;D
Me: Yay ^^
And after the picture I asked Romeo to sign my shoe and he said: You just want to see me on my knees, don’t you?;D
Me: Haha, yeah xD
And then he asked if he could sign my pants instead and I said: Sure, why not! ^^

And then I went to Strify and asked him: Do you want to sign my shoe? Or pants.. or whatever you want XD
But he wanted to sign my shoe because he liked them ^^
And then it was Kiro’s turn, and Kiro signed my pants too.
But Kiro always draws a little heart under his autograph.. usually only the outlines.. but in my case, he colored it! XD
And then I got on a picture with Kiro, so we posed.. and all of a sudden I felt this head on my other shoulder and I was like: wut? D: I’ll just wait till the picture is taken.. don’t wanna ruin it.
So after the picture I let go of Kiro and I was like: I just felt a head on my shoulder…
And Strify said: Yeah that was me! ;D
Weirdo’s! XD

And then I gave Shin a rubber duck, that was stretchy… and when you slap it, it beams light! In different colors ^^
And Shin kept playing with that, while I walked to Yu, and poked his sides.. both sides at them same time.
And Yu turned around, and I was like: That wasn’t me.. (A)
And Yu looked at me with an hurt/evil/cute smile XD

And then Kiro was in front of me, so I just had to poke him too XD
And Kiro jumped and turned around laughing saying: Noo! Don’t! I’m very ticklish!XD
Me: Aww. Sorry.. I won’t do it again…(A)
Kiro: *pokes*
And then he got into this samurai pose, which is kinda funny cause I always do that with a friend of mine too.
So I got in a samurai pose too and made a jump towards him and poked him back ^^
And then he pointed at Strify, who’s back was turned my way…
So I poked Strify.. and Strify turned around questioning…
And I said: That was him! ;D *points at Kiro*
And Kiro pouted at me.. not very convincing though XD

And Shin kept playing with the rubber duck all the time, and Strify played along. And he squeezed the body, so that the head blew up XD
And Strify was like: woaah! Space Duck! 8D
And me and my friend grabbed another duck we had, and showed them how much you could stretch it,… we made a huuuuge triangle XD
And Shin was like: wooow! O.o
And Strify looked at it and said: Hey! There’s another one! :D
And he grabbed my friend’s duck and made the two ducks kiss, while making noises XD

And then it was about time to go, so I hugged Kiro goodbye, and Shin, me and my friend did a grouphug XD

But Shin was very happy with the rubber duck, he and Strify said it should be on stage during the concert! But I didn’t see it

But I had a great time! ^^

Pictures by ©Veerle

And that's me with all the guys! XD And Jasper is in two of them too ^^

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Comment by J u m b i e on December 6, 2009 at 10:38am
duuude! Thats amazing!!!
They are such down to Earth guys! So lucky!
Comment by Grace (Momo) on September 24, 2009 at 6:32am
why is Yu flashing a gang sign?
Comment by Mariah on August 30, 2009 at 1:54pm
Comment by Samantha on July 13, 2009 at 10:20am
Jeeej! Zo hip ^^ Heb je mijn verslagje ook al gelezen? Staat op m'n hyves :)

Comment by Kay Kaulitz on July 12, 2009 at 12:39pm
DUCKY!!!!! giggles
Comment by Wiki Bizarre on July 12, 2009 at 9:48am
OOOh my!! nice Pics! <3


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