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TMI, but here it goes. lol. (im in the mood)

OK, so as you can Tell, i LOVE Tokio Hotel.
Tokio Hotel is the reason why i even have a CherryTree Records profile.
My favorite Tokio Hotel members are Tom and Bill. (yes BOTH)
I love them so much! They are truly amazing.
I dont have a favorite song, becuase i really love all of their songs.
My favorite TH song changes a lot. So i might as well not have one.
Their lyrics, are just so beautiful. Their music brings tears to my eyes
I couldnt ask for anything better. Honestly..
That's one of the reasons why i love them so much. :)
Along with their funny Sense of Humor, their Beautiful looks, and just Everything!

So, i speak english & spanish. But im learning German. Right now i know about
20% german? haha.
i plan to learn MUCH more.& become fluent. visit Deutschland of course.
Tokio Hotel's german songs really help me
with my german. I can pretty much understand
every german word they sing. So i pick the songs up pretty quick. :)

Anyway, sometimes im in Lufkin, but im usually living in Houston.
im fifteen years old, and yah. i love sports, even though im not so good.
im really into dance , so im pretty flexible
used to be in -- Ballet, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Swimming.
I enjoyed Gymnastics the best. Swimming is Harsh.. *shudders*

Tokio Hotel fans add me. :)


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Comment by Nelda on June 25, 2009 at 10:18pm
Danke. =)
Comment by Isra KaulitzSixxBizarre on April 10, 2009 at 7:20am
Thats cool, Nice page!


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