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Matthew Koma - Vic Theater - Chicago IL. 10/6/12

I had seen Matthew Koma 5 times before this show on the Sorry For Party Rocking Tour.  I felt it would be worth the trip to see a more proper set.  I was pleased to see that from my vantage point, it appeared that the Vic Theater was full capacity.  When he was on SFPR tour, I felt like though it was best he play guitar to a track, I felt it was very linear and never allowed him to really have dynamic and feel.  This show however would contain a band consisting of a drummer and a keyboard/guitar player. 

The band was just what he needed.  He had killer dynamic and he seems to feel the music and take it out on his guitar with the swag similar to Joe Strummer circa the 70s and 80s.  He had won the crowd over who actually before his set were turning against him because they felt he was late based on the ticket start time.

The key to Koma was he presented songs that even if you had never heard them, they had elements making them likeable.  That's no small feat by the way.  I have told this story before... I saw the Legendary David Bowie come out and play Rebel Rebel and 3000 people went crazy.  Then he said "Now I will play you a new song from my new album" and 3000 people sat down.  A legend like Bowie had to endure that treatment of "unknown songs effect" for just 4 minutes. Therefore imagine a whole set of unknown songs.  Matthew Koma had pop elements that caught peoples attention and made them very appealing to hear.  I saw people at the merch table snatching up the EP and buying shirts.

Set List:


Neon Red


One Night

(Unknown possible cover song excerpt)




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