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Matthew Koma Talks "Parachute EP", Movies, and More with

"It's pretty crazy. "Parachute" became the blueprint for the rest of the record. We felt something special, and we knew we could build a foundation on it. It was important in the process of making the album. It's probably the best example of the faith theme. You're taking a walk or jumping somewhere without necessarily knowing where you're going to land or how you're going to land. However, you still have to do it. For me, I'm speaking from a place of my career. I don't know how things are going to turn out, but I know this is what feels right for me. Sometimes, you have to explore new territory and push out of your comfort zone to get to greatness or a place that is the most honest or sincere. Sometimes, it's past the point of being able to recognize what's yours until you discover it. "Parachute" felt true to that sentiment."


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