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Martin's Photo Journal - Entry #6 - 27 Feb 2012

Photo 1: 6,000 people at the Cherrytree Pop Alternative show in Berlin, Feb. 27, 2012

Photo 2:  There's an airplane parked right outside venue.

Photo 3: Redfoo & Kev Nish drinking a Cherrytree Cola back stage in Prague.

Photo 4: The famous "Maneken Pis" down the street from the AB in Brussels, Feb 22, 2012

Photo 5: Multiple Maneken Pis' in the window of a Brussels chocolate shop, Feb 22, 2012

Photo 6: Vinyl shopping in Brussels.

Photo 7: Kev and I at Nuxx night club in Artwerp, Belgium

Photo 8: Matthew Koma laughing it up at Nuxx

Photo 9: Champagne Showers await the audience

Photo 10: Far East Movement doing a Skype interview with Fuse TV

Photo 11: Red Foo and The Party Rock crew on stage with Far East Movement

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Comment by AmyPond on February 29, 2012 at 12:53am

Martin Martin Martin

Thank you!

Comment by USkipper on February 28, 2012 at 7:41pm

can't really tell what type of aircraft in photo no.2, some sort of civilian transport.
maybe somebody left their Learjet double-parked ;-)

watch out for all those busy busy elves!

haha! leave it to Martin to find a hard-to-find little shop with vinyl records! (no. 6)
Trying to locate THAT one would smoke my Garmin GPS for sure!

Shopping for 45 RPM "singles" was the best! You never knew what kind of treat
(or flop) was on the flip side! No "flip side" to a digital track... the thrill is gone!

(no. 9) you guys really do it up right! Good show!

Comment by Mih on February 28, 2012 at 4:05pm

Martin.... this having been an awesome year for cherrytree fm.... this tour looks like amazing... I wonder how hard you are working, but I think you are having a  lot of fun too... and about new Far East Movement song with bieber it is amazing.... and now we are really excited waiting their bill song collab...I'm totally sure it will be amazing... don't you think is time to think about a Brazil tour.... I wish the best for you guys.... ;)


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