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Hi Gang,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to post the new edition of “Martin’s Photo Blog.” Although, I haven’t posted in a bit, I have been busy snapping photos. The Thanksgiving weekend finally gave me the time to organize and publish them. And, here goes: My official post of “Martin’s Autumn 2013 Photo Blog.”

These shots cover some of my movements over the last 3 months of September, October and November 2013 (and a little bit of August). As with my previous photo blog entries, I did my best to capture the up-close and rare, musical moments that I’m privileged enough to witness and share with you here on With my accompanying captions, I also try to convey the buzz and excitement I get to experience every day working with the extraordinary artists at Cherrytree.

Ivy Levan, Gramercy Hotel, NYC, Aug 23, 2013 - Ivy and band dispense a set of lively swamp-hop for the chic New York City crowd.  The show included her rousing live rendition of her signature song “Hot Damn.”  Check out the video here and her acoustic version at The Cherrytree House here.


Sting with Italian journalists in London, Sep 14 2013 - Sting talks to a group of journalists representing several Italian media outlets.  The interview was held in London and I got a chance to snap this photo in mid-questioning.

Willy Moon, London, Sep 17, 2013 – Willy Moon sits in his writing room in London.  He made me breakfast (delicious Eggs Benedict a la Moon) and we talked about music and imaginary bathroom leaks.  Check out Willy’s “Get Up (What You Need)” video here.

Colette Carr, Hot Rocks Studios, Sep 19 2013 – Microphone fiend Colette Carr puts the finishing touches on her song “Never Gonna Happen” at Hot Rocks Studios.  If you haven’t yet checked out the video, you can see it here and pick up the fresh new remixes here.

Sting, Paris, Sep 19 2013 – I took this photo back stage at Le Grand Journal TV show where Sting and his band performed “And Yet” from his album The Last Ship.  Sting takes his Ditson “parlor” guitar everywhere and here he’s pictured strumming it before the show.  Catch his performance on Le Grand Journal here.

Sting on the Today Show set, Sep 24, 2013 – Sting and band performed “What Have We Got” from his new album The Last Ship on the Today Show.  I snapped this shot during the early morning preparations before the broadcast.  Check out the performance here.

Sting, New York City, Sep 27 2013 – Sting rocks his specially-treated Cherrytree t-shirt back stage at The Public Theater where he and band performed a mesmerizing presentation of his new album, The Last Ship, for 10 nights in a row.  You can catch a broadcast of this special show on the BBC in December and PBS in the New Year.  T-shirt treated by Robert Molnar.  Stay tuned for your chance to get a limited-edition Robert Molnar original soon at and, in the meantime, pick yourself up a classic Cherrytree hoodie.

RAC, The Cherrytree House, Oct 1 2013 – André Anjos aka RAC plays the Gibson SG at The Cherrytree House.  Watch him on several other instruments including a Gibson Explorer in the “Let Go” video.

Cadillac Escalade Reveal, Oct 7 2013 – GM invited Cadillac freaks the Far East Movement to perform at their exclusive, new 2014 Escalade debut.  The group definitely tested out the bass response or the sound system inside the new model and dropped a high energy dj set on the crowd of press representatives and invited guests.  I took this photo of the new Escalade on display at the event.  Check out Far East Movement’s latest video, “The Illest,” here.

Far East Movement & Natalia Kills, Amsterdam, Oct 7 2013 – The “Lights Out (Go Crazy)” collaborators reunited in New York City backstage after Kills’ club performance of new songs from her album “Trouble” including the underground anthem “Problem.” For those of you who didn’t know, “Lights Out (Go Crazy)” spent 9 weeks at no. 1 in Russia.  Check out the video here.

Sting on the set of The Michael J. Fox Show, Oct 7 2013 – Sting chops it up with Betsy Brandt - who also featured in the series Breaking Bad – just as my camera was at the ready.  Sting guest-stars on the holiday episode of the show in December.  Details here.

Michael Einziger, Avicii & Nile Rogers, NYC, Oct 10 2013 – I took this picture back stage at Roseland just before Avicci took the stage at his headline show.  Nile Rogers was adjusting his camera and I took the opportunity to capture the moment while wondering what a band made up of these three cats would sound like.

With Robyn, London, Oct 13 2013 – Robyn’s been writing songs for a new album which we’ll hopefully be hearing in 2014.  But, you’ll be seeing her featured in some upcoming collabs.  Watch this space and, in the meantime, check out her classic Cherrytree House performance of “Be Mine!” which is approaching 1 million views.  Get yourself a box of tissues and press play.

MNEK, London, Oct 15 2013 – I got a sneak peak into MNEK’s new record coming in 2014.  His voice and production are top form.  Get ready.

London tube, 2013 – This Oyster card equals freedom for me in London.  I can zip just about anywhere in the city in no time.  I can creep up on unsuspecting artists recording in the studio, haha! This means you Wolf Gang and LaRoux!  LOL.

With Afrojack, Amsterdam, Oct 16 2013 – I caught Afrojack in a rare moment; almost standing still!  He’s constantly on the move rocking crowds around the globe and making new recordings in the studio.  He took a minute to ask me to remix his new song “The Spark” and it took me half a second to accept with pleasure. recently featured the remix on his site here.

Bikes, Amsterdam Oct 17 2013 - Bikes and Amsterdam go together like helmets and … no, not in Amsterdam.  Bikers wiz by at 30 mph neither wearing helmets nor yielding for visiting pedestrians. LOL. But, I got good at keeping out of their way and when I came back to the US, I still thought I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye.  Ghost bikes!  Alas, they look so docile when parked in this shot of a colorful Amsterdam canal scene.

With Far East Movement, Deorro & Alvaro, Amsterdam, Oct 17 2013 – Why did these electronic music wizards cross the road?  Drop!  These cool cats poured out of the club and posed for this late night shot with me.  During the ADE conference, in which I got the chance to participate, Amsterdam is a beautiful swirl of music, lights and random meetings among friends.  Check out Deorro’s remix of Far East Movement’s “The Illest” here.

Far East Movement, Afrojack & Sidney Samson at FC Walvisch Studios in Amsterdam, Oct 18 2013 – Every time I go to Amsterdam, I  make time to kick it in this renown studio (Thanks Norbert at Universal & Thomas at Montana) where the hottest musicians always end up congregating.  This night was no different as Far East Movement, Afrojack and Sidney Samson exchanged tracks and ideas.  I snapped this photo from the other side of the mixing board where I was posted up in optimum monitoring position.

Max and the Moon, on-stage at The Bootleg, Echo Park, Los Angeles, Oct 18 2013 – New band Max and the Moon hail from Orange County, California. They recently remixed Natalia Kills’ “Boys Don’t Cry” which was made available via Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Listen to it here and check out Kill’s 6-page photo feature in the magazine.

Matthew Koma, on-stage in Hollywood Oct 22 2013 -  Matthew Koma held an acoustic residency at the Hollywood’s Hotel Café during the month of October.  He performed intimate versions of some of his biggest electronic dance music hits including “Years” (Alesso ft. Matthew Koma) and “Spectrum” (Zedd ft. Matthew Koma).  He also played an arresting version of his new song “Suitcase” as he’d done it at The Cherrytree House.  You can watch that here and buy it on his “Cherrytree Sessions” EP here.

Jamie Lillywhite,  The Cherrytree House, Santa Monica, Oct 24 2013 – Most people play an instrument, sing and/or rap at The Cherrytree House, but Ellie Goulding’s manager, Jamie, chose to balance the coffee table on his chin.  That’s right, the coffee table.  Fortunately, he came out of it unscathed though I can’t say the same for the coffee table which now has a notch on it that will serve as proud reminder of the astounding feat.

Michael Kiwanuka, Oct 26, 2013 – Michael was in Los Angeles recording portions of his forthcoming album.  I went to visit the sessions and snapped this photo.  I love it because it seems to capture a truly joyful moment.  Michael had listened back to a new recording of a song he’d just written.  In fact, a few days later, Michael would debut an acoustic version of it at The Cherrytree House Live! in Santa Monica. Check it out here.

Natalia Kills on-stage at The Grove, Los Angeles, Nov 2 2013 – Natalia Kills  and her band kicked off the opening of the Top Shop at The Grove in Los Angeles with a red-hot set of songs from her new album “Trouble.”  Check out the acoustic version of it here courtesy of

Sting and Ivy Levan, Magicopolis Theater, Santa Monica, CA , Nov 4 2013 – For the first time ever, we transported the stage of The Cherrytree House from the Cherrytree offices to a theater in Santa Monica that is usually reserved for magic shows.  On Nov 4, we brought in our Cherrytree House set complete with drum kit, rugs and posters to Magicopolis and presented the inaugural Cherrytree House Live! to 300 members (“Rec’ers) and invited guests.  Performers included Sting, Ivy Levan, Matthew Koma, Michael Einziger, The Hunts and Michael Kiwanuka.  There was also a special guest-appearance from Steve, master illusionist and proprietor of Magicopolis.  Read Hits Magazine’s recap of the very special event here.  Sting performed selections from his album The Last Ship - as well as jumped on stage with label-mate Matthew Koma to render an unexpected duet of the latter’s “Clarity” which Koma wrote for Zedd and Foxes.  Sting took the stage one last time to introduce label-mate Ivy Levan.

Sting & members of The Hunts, The Cherrytree House Live! in Santa Monica, Nov 4 2013.  Both Sting and The Hunts performed at The Cherrytree House Live! and, back stage, they stopped to pose for this spontaneous photo.  Watch The Hunts performing their song “Make This Leap” at The Cherrytree House Live! here.

Michael Einziger & Willy Moon, London, Nov 8 2013 – In a fortunate convergence of schedules, producer/writer/performer artist Michael Einziger was in London at the same time as Natalia Kills and Willy Moon so we all went out to dinner.  This photo is from that evening.  A few days prior, Michael had jumped on stage with Matthew Koma at The Cherrytree House Live! to perform a special, acoustic version of “Wake Me Up,” the song he’d written with Avicci and Aloe Blacc.  Check it out here.

Ian Fletcher of F.A.M.E. Management & Redfoo, Amsterdam, Nov 10 2013 – Redfoo and his manager Ian Fletcher share some ice-cold @CherytreeCola to cap off an exciting night at the MTV Europe Awards which Redfoo masterfully hosted.  Check out his promo spot with Miley Cyrus here.

With Ellie Goulding at the MTV Awards in Amsterdam, Nov 10 2013,  Ellie presented an award to 30 Seconds to Mars on this night.  A couple of weeks later she blew everybody away again as she performed her song “Burn” on The Voice.  Check it out via here.

RAC, New York City, Nov 14 2013I made my way to the balcony for a birdseye view of the RAC show at The Bowery Ballroom where I snapped this picture.  The set was a mixture of RAC’s best-known remixes and new originals due out on his forthcoming album in 2014. In the meantime, you can pick up his “Don’t Talk To” EP – including the song “Let Go” ft. Kele and MNDR - from iTunes here.

Jessie Ware on-stage in Hollywood, Nov 19 2013 – Taken at the House of Blues in Hollywood, this shot captured Jessie Ware in mid-serenade on one of my favorite songs of hers, “Taking in Water,” from the album “Wildest Moments” - out now.

Redfoo, Laker Game, Los Angeles, Nov 24 2013 – Redfoo graced the jumbo screen at the Staples Center as the Laker Girls did a dance routine to “Party Rock Anthem.”  Redfoo jumped up and started shuffling on the court as the crowd went nuts. Check out his brand new dance routine in “Let’s Get Ridiculous” which recently hit no. 1 in Australia.

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Comment by SAL+ on December 2, 2013 at 2:21pm
How exciting! For a moment I was transported to NYC and Europe. Thanks!
Comment by Andrea (Cherrytree) on December 2, 2013 at 1:20pm

my favorite pic is the Martin with the Oyster card so he can crash UK recording sessions!   Wolf Gang and LaRoux are bringing the A game now.  haha 

Comment by Kari on December 1, 2013 at 5:37pm

Great post, Martin!  Wish I could have made it to some of those NYC events. 


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