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Martin Kierszenbaum & Robyn Discuss Album Release Dates with NPR

Martin Kierszenbaum, chairman of Cherrytree Records, which distributes Robyn's new album, says the label and the artist weren't super strategic about their decision. They just wanted to get the music out as soon as possible. And, he says, maybe release dates don't matter that much anymore.

Body Talk Pt. 2 is the second of three albums Robyn is releasing this year. She told NPR's Jacki Lyden her decision to do that was "really selfish" — she said she wants to be able to put out her music when it's done. Kierszenbaum says he was willing to support that.

“As soon as I heard [Robin say] that, I spent a lot of time on, and we were starting to get the same feedback from everybody: that people wanted to hear music more often, in smaller volume, and more topical, more current. In other words, when the artist made it. They wanted to hear it right away. They didn’t want to have to wait between the time it was created and recorded and produced and then issued. So we decided it was an opportunity, not only to support Robyn’s instincts but also to see if this new system would work."

So far so good, Kierszenbaum says.

"Think about it: wherever you can get music — a la carte, at any time — those things become less and less important. What becomes more important in this asynchronous world is that whenever you get exposed to something, via click-through or stream or any kind of exposure, is that it resonates... Now that everything is so transparent and asynchronous, its more about making that impression."

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