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Marianas Trench - Journeys Store Signing & House of Blues Show - Chicago, IL. 06-22-13

Journeys Store Signing

Today's adventure leads me to Chicago to see the second Marianas Trench show of the week and coincidentally the last show of the Journeys tour.  The day started with a signing at a Journeys mall based store where a long line of fans were lined up to have a MT poster signed and take pictures with the band. 

I could tell the guys were exhausted and ready to go home yet they seemed eager to meet with fans as a send off of sorts.  Even though they had chairs, they chose to stand in front of the table for easy picture access.  There was no apparent limit on what would be signed which I thought was pretty cool.  It was nice to see all the excited fans.

House of Blues Chicago

The last show of the tour was at a venue I affectionately call "The Trampoline".  The stage at the House of Blues Chicago is on the second floor of the building so it bounces like a trampoline when the crowd jumps.  This time I decided to just enjoy the music and not worry about anything like too many pics or documenting the set list. 

This was a sold out show and everyone was there to see Marianas Trench in full force and knew all the words just like the Cincinnati show.  Even though the band knew that post show they could look forward to a plane ride home, they weren't lazy as far as the entertainment in this show.  They came out with a vengeance and entertained this crowd.  At one point Josh Ramsay came out to do an acoustic solo set and one of the guys shrouded himself in a solid black drape, sneaking up behind Josh in an attempt to scare him.  They had mentioned that Chicago was their first U.S. show the day their album was released and now they have returned triumphant to a sold out show.

At the end of the show and thus the end of a long and grueling tour, the guys went out in the venue and signed for everyone....that's class.

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