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Marianas Trench - Bogart's - Cincinnati OH. 06-19-13

The last time I had seen Marianas Trench was in a mall setting.  They did a great job working with nothing more than just their instruments and no stage show.  The show I had witnessed at the historic Bogart's in Cincinnati was my first opportunity to see them live in their true stage element.  Marianas Trench were the headliner for The Noise Tour sponsored by Journeys. 

The people in Cincinnati clearly knew all the words which made for an even better show with the audience constantly participating.  I was not familiar with a lot of their previous work but the mark of a great song or writer is the ability to release a song that has a first listen appeal.  I found myself picking up on the signature cadence used by the band and found every song enjoyable.  Also being that I am a drummer, I loved the fact that Josh Ramsay jumped behind the kit and sang lead on "Truth or Dare". The band were able to use the video screen to tell the "Ever After" story infusing a few short film intermissions which I found enjoyable and well done.

I have to say if you have never seen this band or heard their work, give them a listen.  I think you will find a song in their set that you will enjoy.   

Ever After
All to Myself
Shake Tramp
Toy Soldiers
By Now
Desperate Measures
Truth or Dare
Beside You
Celebrity Status
Haven't Had Enough
Cross My Heart
So Soon
No Place Like Home

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