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Heey !
Today I decided to talk about my little Teddy bear ...
You must me thinking "This girl is insane ! WTF has she to say about a teddy bear?!"

1st - I'm not insane ... I'm drunk , It's different ... :P
2nd - You'll find in 1 sec. ;)

Well ...
My teddy bear is REALLY special ....
I've him since I was born ...: 'x
When I was +/- 5 years old , he lost his nose (My fault ... --.) ... Bit he stil cute ... (:
I call him Macky 'cuz I LOVE MAC DONNALDS ! :O
And 'cuz I love Bill Kaulitz and that's what his grandma calls him ... :P
This simple teddy bear means more to me then all the money of the world ... If I had to choose , I'd chose Macky for sure !
This little bear saw more tears from me than all my friends and family together ... He heard more laughs from me than my parents ... He recived more hugs than anybody ....
He watches me assleeping and waking up every single night , every single day ...
Yeah ... I'm like a child ...
But I just can't live without my sweet Macky , my perfect teddy bear .... (''':

GKK' @@

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