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I have read that they are taking a break,but in a interwiev with Strify that i read today.Gave me more impressions that they are quitting,than its just a break.Im still crying.I just cant belive it:( Cinema Bizarre is one of my absolutley fav.Bands.They have helped me trough a lot of my bad days,and they just had so much to give.The music is great,the band members are great and they have always been really nice to theyre fans.Its gonna take some time for me to get over this.The thought of never getting to catch a consert with them,getting to meet them as a band and to get video clips where they just have fun and makes people smile.It really breaks my heart.I seriously dont know what to do right now.Im shaking,and it feels like parts of me just died.I might sound like child right now,but cant help it.

Well well.They are pleased with this decision so i cant do much about it.No mather what happens,they will always have a big place in my heart,and i will always honor them and theyre music<3

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Comment by Linda Breivik on January 24, 2010 at 3:26am
Yeah i know that,but it wont be the same.I never got to see them live:( Or meet them as a band!
Comment by Michaela Kostopoulou on January 23, 2010 at 8:38pm
Don't worry, they won't be forgotten!!! Their music, videos and images are out there. And I also owe them that they introduced visual kei and JRock to me and led me to be a fan of lots of Japanese artists I wouldn't have heard of, if it wasn't for them. Tnx guys!


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