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Love can be kind, but it can be cruel
It can mess with your mind
And make you feel like a fool.
It can break your heart
And make you cry.
And there will be times
You want to die.

Love can make you do some crazy things
One moment you’ll find yourself
Standing out on a limb.
Losing your balance
Only to find
No one is around to catch you
As you fall from behind.

Love can be evil. Love can be wrong
Love is not always simple
But it’s always strong.
How it controls you
Is a question indeed
Because there are times I feel like
I will never be free.

Love can be prison. Love can be blind
How it messes you up
And takes over your mind.
Until you can’t think of anyone else
It’s their smile you see
Their happiness you feel
How it drives you crazy
How you wish it wasn’t real.

Love can be silly. Love can be cute
It can make you giggle
Sound like a flute.
Melodious and peaceful
As it dances on your heart
Makes you giddy
Right from the start.

Love can be everything or nothing at all
It can be a slow smile
An invitation to a ball.
The happiness you feel
Or the sadness it caused
Love may be fair
Or it may be lost.

Love can be somewhere in a moment so quick
Just a blink of the eye
And you’re feeling sick
As the butterflies tumble
Into your stomach with care
That’s what love is
It’s in the air

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