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Love for Rye Rye ft Robyn - Never Will Be Mine

Baltimore club-rapper and M.I.A. protégé Rye Rye has a new single out in anticipation of her still-forthcoming debut Go! Pop! Bang!. It's the slow-grinding "Never Will Be Mine", featuring Swedish pop dynamo Robyn on the hook (singing a piece of her own track "Be Mine!") -

It's the bummer version of Rihanna's "What's My Name" video, minus the pink hair and Drake ... but plus a multitude of rad new fashions. We're partial to that splatter-paint maxi dress Robyn's wearing, but there's really a lot to choose from. -

Rye Rye laments over lost love in the video for “Never Will Be Mine,” her collaboration with pop star Robyn from the Baltimore MC’s debut album Go! Pop! Bang! In the colorful clip, M.I.A.’s protégée shows off her wild style on the Los Angeles streets, bumping into her former lover as Robyn sings a slowed down sample of her 2005 hit. -

While we’ve already asserted that there’s no way to improve upon Robyn’s 2005 single “Be Mine,” Rye Rye was totally down with at least reinterpreting the song as slowed-down, dreamy pop-rap number “Never Will Be Mine.” The video has arrived, and it’s absolutely everything a visual for this summer confection should be: simple, colorful and full of both Rye Rye and Robyn.

Robyn does some super cool, swirly and unorthodox dance moves, twisting her arms, her torso and her neck as she sings. Same goes for Rye Rye. She grooves with her hands, neck, body and eyes, even as she struts through the mean streets with a “don’t mess with me” swagger. With these movements, each singer gives off an aura of fragile vulnerability without sacrificing their confidence. Some shots are also slowed down and rewound in quick bursts, further enhancing the visual appeal of the video.

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