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Growing up I was always told that there would be so many opportunities for me when I became an adult. I have yet to see many of these opportunities. The only opportunities I have experienced have been opportunities that would have had negative consequences. So of course I avoided these opportunities.

My question is where are these opportunities? I just would like one opportunity really. An opportunity to work in the industry that I respect the most. This industry that I respect is the music industry. I have always had a passion for music. I can have nothing in my life but family, friends, and music and be okay. I have never had the opportunity learn to play music myself but I don't need to perform music to understand the passion and drive it takes to create unique enjoyable music. I not only respect musicians but I also understand the need to create art. I am a creative individual although much of my creativeness is mental and not physical. I have so many creative ideas but in alot of ways I have no way to make these ideas a reality. I have fashion ideas, music ideas, stage design ideas, interior decorating ideas, writing ideas, and film or tv ideas. And the only one of these I can expand on is the writing ideas. Many of my ideas I can not expand on because of societial constraints. Many of the industries I have ideas in require a degree or certification.

Why does society require degrees or certifications now for jobs that never required degrees or certification in the past? I mean why would someone need a degree in communications to be a Personal Assistant. Or a degree in Design to be an Interior Decorator. Both of these fields are just basic skills.

Being a Personal Assistant is just like being a best friend. True best friends are there when you need them. They are willing to help in anyway they can. They know your qwirks and your likes and dislikes. They can help you organize your life. They can help you make phone calls for important events. They can help you when you go shopping. Many of the people who need personal assistants are not able to do the basic tasks of life because of their celebrity status. Their assistants walk dogs, clean up after the pets, carry things for the celebrity, make appointments, make phone calls, ensure that all appointments are scheduled properly and are to the celebrities specification, as well as anything else the celebrity needs. All in all just being available to the celebrity 24/7. I am not only a people person as well as a helpful and friendly person. I have no problem doing what is necessary to provide the best possible services to a celebrity. I would be willing to travel if necessary.

Being an interior decorator entails being willing to work with your client and to incorporate their likes as well as your own ideas. Why should that require certification or a degree? I have helped friends and family decorate their homes for quite a few years and I have never had anyone question my suggestions or my finished work. Being an interior decorator is about going shopping with your client to see likes and dislikes as well as talking with your client to see their personality. It also involves you as the decorator talking about your ideas for the space as well as providing multiply decisions for the client. I think that you should provide them with an economic friendly alternative as well as an eco friendly and elegant or lavish alternative. Many designers today try to push their ideas onto the client rather than listening to the concerns and wants of the client. If a client only wants to spend a certain amount don't push your more expensive ideas onto the client.

Well in conclusion, why can't someone see that I have ideas and drive and can be someone of use? I am an aquarian and with that comes a winning personality, sponteneity, loyalty, helpfulness, as well as a friendly person.

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