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Today was particularly boring to say the least

The devkits needed propping for the new build (which was broken) and had to be repropped

For those of you not familiar with computer jargon, it simply means that things werent working for 4+ hours so I got little to no work done

And afterwards I return home to find that once again, my roommate isnt home, and still is as opaque as ever to how annoyed her insensitivity has left me

She "says" she'll be back tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath

I'm going to the movies by myself instead of waiting around for her to not come back

At least the Cherrytree Chat was lively, followable and interesting tonight - and thank goodness for that

I admit - I got a bit teary when the subject turned to weight

I'm not even remotely comfortable at where I'm at, and have been at for 5+ years with little to no change no matter what I've done

I feel utterly disgusting

I know the stress isnt even remotely helping my self-esteem either


Finding my current job was the first stroke of luck I've had in almost 2 years, but I have to wonder if this is it

If that stroke of luck I had was my last and that this will be my life from here on out

I hope to god not - I want so much more than this for myself

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