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LMFAO PArty Rock Tour June 28 2012 Mohegan SUn

So my 14 yr daughter is absolutely in love with Redfoo so when I found out they were coming here right at her Birthday I decided I was going to surprise her with tickets to  the meet and greet to the show and wouldnt tell her until we actually got there So I got the meet and greet package through VIP Nation like 3 months in advance and kept it a secret. 5 days before the event my email with the meet and greet instructions comes The email says i have to check in register at 5 p.m the show starts at 7:30 That we will be admitted at 6:15 for early entry to the floor for out priority entry and the general public will be let in at 6:30 p.m,  Hmmm I think to myself thats not much time ,if im going in early so i can get to the front on the floor when is the meet and greet?  Reading further my email states that when i check in i will be given instructions to the meet and greet and due to time constraints there will be no autographs!!  WHAT????  Isnt that kind of the point ? And of course within a week of the show and way more than 72 hours after the tickets were purchased no chance of a refund ...  Day of the show we check in and my daughter is totally freaking out that she is going to meet her husband Redfoo as she calls him,  i read the instructions and it says where we are to meet for the meet and greet and the the time  8:45 !?!?! That's like the middle of the show ?!?!?!  What about our spots on the floor that part of what we paid for was the early entry to get? Are we going to lose them?  Yes in fact I was told by very uncaring staff we would. So i'm thinking WTH you mean we are going to miss part of the show and lose our spots when it comes time to see the act we came there to see... Trying to hold in my irritation for my daughters sake I just said to myself well you do still have the picture you brought from home that was a photo shopped pic of  my daughter with Redfoo well maybe just maybe.. and ideas began to form.. While waiting for the show to start was chatting to the people next to and behind us in talking told them we had to leave for the meet and greet and they kindly said they would keep out spots and let us back in if we could get back up there 8:30 comes and we are off to the meeting place we were told not to be late. They kept us waiting in the hall until 9 pm when finally we are led into the back where we would get to see LMFAO. Through out our walk through the hall I saw Cherrytree people who  were all so nice and friendly, and talked to people that were there from something to do with Cherrytree rather than VIP Nation, The VIP Nation people however had really minimal contact with anyone , were basically not really around or noticeable, and the brief contact we had with them they were not real pleasant , caring or helpful at all, I was so wishing I had been there as a part of something Cherrytree was handling!! Adding to my dismay was the fact watching the people ahead of us our meet and greet was no more than a 5 sec photo op , not really any meeting or greeting, But like I said I had ideas when it was out turn i briefly said to Redfoo I brought my daughter as a surprise for her B-Day and if it would be at all possible for him to sign a pic I had brought, He was so nice he said yes I have a little time but I have to finish taking pictures first just wait for me right over there and as soon as im done I will. We took our picture and then went to the side  I was thrilled I thought my daughter was going to have a heart attack, So we got to watch the rest of the people take their pics, I took a few of Him for daughter  in between pics , even though some security guy was giving me dirty looks, Redfoo looked over and smiled a few times clearly giving me the ok to take the pics , so i ignored the guy giving me dirty looks, Sure enough when he was done he came over and signed the pic I had told him my daughter calls him her husband and he laughed and signed her pic to his future wife maybe It was awesome, and the perfect thing to write she asked him if she could hug him and he gave her a big hug and she says now my life is complete He really was so nice It meant the world to my daughter , We went back to the concert , sadly we missed all of Far East Movement but it was worth it Somehow we worked our way back to where we were before right on the rails and watched LMFAO put on a kick a** show!! They even saw my daughter right in front came over and sang  in front of her giving her smiles several times In the end it was great experience. Redfoo was truly a nice guy and I what he did truly meant the world to my daughter. It is something she will remember for the rest of her life , and through him I gave her the best BDay present ever. I hope he knows just how much those few small acts of kindness meant to one young girl  and that its something she will treasure always, There is no way I could ever Thank Him enough!!  And to CherryTree for in their way the representitives I saw from you that night were truly great They were friendly , smiling , sociable, everything you could hope for,  more companies should insist their employess carry themselves in such a manner . Thank You !!

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