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I've just been going through a whole period of remembering songs and albums from my youth, then disocvering that they're available on iTunes. 3 glases of red and a bit of a trashing of the credit card later and I've got the headphones turned way up and am literally transported back to specific places, dates and experiences in time.
The thing that's amazed me the most is how the tracks that are most enjoyable and reminiscent of past times are the songs by little known artists and groups but for some reason were special to me back in the eighties.
Case in point - The Gist. Hailing from Wales and with remnants of Young Marble Giants (principally Stuart Moxham), they wrote and recorded some amazingly succulent, atmospheric and gorgeous songs, sometimes with little more than an 8 track recorder and lots of wow and flutter.
Two favourite songs especially for me are from their Embrace the Herd album - Love at First Sight and Iambic Pentameter. I can pictue both songs in a movie soundtrack.. or should that be 'hear' them in a movie?

So, therels my listenig back choice for the moment- The Gist

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