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Like a rubber cockroach in a - striptease

SO, I got my new phone and I'm totally diggin' it

I got to spend time with my friend for the first time in almost a MONTH

Which was awesome

But...then things took a downturn

Directly after dinner of Korean BBQ, and having things go bad after a meal like THAT should be impossible!

But, regardless of the laws of cannon, things DID take a turn for the worse

I fell in love - almost instantaneously with a pair of lonely blue eyes attached to a man I have no chance with, no chance of ever speaking with

My friend didnt text me to let me know where she'd be sleeping tonight, and her phone is never off, so the possibility of something happening to her is pretty damn high

At least I heard from the considerate person she's staying with so I know she's alive at least

Ugh - my insides are all twisty

I dont like this

> /body>

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