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Let me tell you something you dont know...

Okay, I'm going into my 22 year with a definite bang

But its not a good one in all truth

Three days before my birthday, I'm pulled aside by my employer and am told that my contract was being terminated effective immediately
That I had to return my badge
That I couldnt log in to my computer and fill out my timesheet
That I was to be escorted from the premisis immediately

Yeah...nice huh?

Ohhhhh, it gets better

The same day, I get a call, saying that they'd like to interview me for a front desk position at a hotel
I am shocked by the serendipidousness of it all and agree to come in the same day
I had applied to SEVERAL hotels, and before I could inquire as to which one it was, or grab an address
She hangs up
And before I can *69 the best friend calls
So her number registers as the last incoming call

Ugh, I am so stressed I could vomit blood like Hyatt-chan
The only good things that have happened recently is
A) getting my third lip piercing with Mandie
B) going to the zoo

I'm hoping that this recent stint of bad luck is just the universe getting it out of the way beforehand so I can have a supremely awesome year
But we'll see
If things get too much worse, my BRAIN will explode
> /body>

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