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Recently I had been with a girl and I have to say I did completely fall for her, she was and still is a great girl but I realised that you can't just fall for the first girl that shows you a bit of attention. By the way the title of each post is the title of the song at the same time... Well here's it is:

I fell so in love,
rookie mistake won't happen again,
while it was there the clouds I was above,
loving you was a complete bargain,
I learnt a lot while I was with you,
you may be hot, witty and mature,
but girls they gotta love you back too,
otherwise you relationship is like an abitour,
water goes in and doesn't come out,
its hard to say this but you never loved me,
you were too self involved, there was too much doubt,
constantly thinking of who your going to be,
living for the future, never for now,
you got me good; i'll give you that,
here's the applause why not take a bow,
i'm the only one looking like a complete twat,
it's so hard now, i've started doubting my mates,
hinking texting you is a crime,
one i don't want on my mind,
i just want to meet a girl and call it fate,
but it seems like I won't because i'm such a f****** state

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