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You know lately I have been wondering why people are so limited by language barriers as far as the music they listen to. I know that I have never been limited by language barriers when it comes to me listening to music. Although I may not be able to understand it, most songs you can get a sense of what the some is about by the music itself. Yes I know lyrics are important but what truly matters is the emotion the artist put into their work. You see that to many people put value on the appearance of a band instead of the music created by them. Appearance should be a part of the equation but not the main part. The art created by the artist is what we should appreciate.

Although the musicians are famous, many never did it for the fame and fortune. Most have done it because of the love of creating something people enjoy and better yet something they themselves enjoy and can be proud of. Fame and fortune is part of it, I understand that but people have to understand that any artist is human. Human's make mistakes and have flaws. Until we have android's who can create and perform music, we need to respect that artists are flawed. We must also understand that artists do want private time and want to be able to go do things that the average joe does, like walking their dog or taking a piss without being hounded and approached. Not having these things can make artists stop caring about their art and push them to the brink of self destruction. And there has been many artists who have self destructed, look at what became of Michael Jackson or Elvis even. Both made very few public appearances other than planned events and both became hermits of a sort; holding up in their compounds and homes. Both feared going out for even the simplest of things like clothes, food, and eating in restaurants.

So in conclusion, please open yourself up to new music and new experiences like taking in a foreign film or trying a food that is outside of your norm. By exploring the world around us not only do we learn new things but we become better human beings in the process. We should all respect one another and one another's cultures and privacy. What better way to explore cultures other than by listening to the universal language of the world; MUSIC. So go get out their step out of your comfort zone and explore the world. There is alot out there just waiting to be discovered and accepted. You might end up liking something you would have otherwise not been open to before. With the internet, we can explore the world and experience the world from the comforts of our homes. So instead of having dinner at your usual spots, try something new and unknown. We should never stop learning, laughing, loving, and living just for the sake of existing. Thanks and keep checking back for more new blogs because you never know what I am going to talk about next.

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