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Well, I'm a writter.
I just finished my first novel and it's about vampires, a lot of blood and a bit of romance (No, it is NOT inspired in Twilight).
Right now I'm working hard to publish it, working on it's second part and a complete new book.
Besides, I'm a high school student and soon I'll be at University studing Psicology or Sociology :)
I love observing how people acts and develope inside and outside society, that helps me a lot to create new characters for my stories and novels.
Even If I can be very friendly an social I actually prefer being alone thinking and writing (sometimes, people can't understand it and confuse me with an emo-girl, which i'm not).

I love Tokio Hotel, actually my male principal character at my first book is inspired on Bill Kaulitz (Yes, he does!).

Soon I'll post a little part in english and spanish, so you can actually give me your opinion.

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