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Oh how sweet! The donuts they served them from twin little girls are called "Twins"! Twin donuts! I want to try twin donuts! Taiwan treated Tokio Hotel with such respect and reverence. Mad love for them.

Transcript by wundertwins, please credit her. Bold = translation from Chinese
Here's the transcript. I did the best I could. Please let me know of any edits. The bold are the Chinese translations.

Host: This is sort of a Taiwanese donut, but you can see...This donut...

B: It's vegetarian right?

H: Oh yes, absolutely, yeah. You check it out. You see there is two pieces connected. So in Taiwan, what we call this donut, we it "twins."

B: You call it "twins"?

H: We call it "twins."This is a Taiwanese snack called "twins." We see the lead singer here eating it, who is very, very handsome. These two have different looks, but they are really twins.
Is it pretty good? Not bad? Not bad huh?

B: It's good! *all nodding*

H: We have twins (referring to Bill and Tom) eating "twins" (the snack). We have another set of twins for you. Ok!
We already have "Tokyo". Now we welcome "Hotel" here. Hotel! Come here. Here we go. Good. Ming Ming stand over here a bit, good. over a bit. (moves the little girl) Now you, stand over here, good. Here we go.

B&T: Hello! Hi!

H: Now these two are real brothers. We already have a set of brothers here (referring to Bill and Tom) and now we invite another set of small brothers to give them a gift. Now the present that they are giving you...hotel, is one of your inspirations. ok?

B: ok.

H: We are giving them today, some fabric/bed sheets that are currently in style. A little bit of Taiwanese "flavor."
This is a very traditional Taiwanese print flower bed sheet. This is something that is very traditional, but is coming in as high fashion, now. They're going to give you these bed sheets.

B: Thank you.

H: You guys are two brothers, right? These two are two brothers. You know, blood-related, him and him. These are my sons.

B: Ah! *everyone laughs*

*host is positioning the kids again*

H: Good. Let's have a photo. Too cute! Look to the front! Little kids, can you say "Yeah!"

Little kids: "Yeah!" *hold up peace/victory signs*

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