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An interview with Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz. Translation by Vnlasteamer, not google, so thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much. Here is a translation of the article that appeared in Bild,

By P. Driese, D. Cremer and J. Koch (photo)

Therefore, Tokio Hotel went to America
"We didn't have a home anymore"

Through the monsoon, around the world: at the high point of their success, the Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom (23) left Germany - and moved to Los Angeles. 2 years of silence. Now they are back in their homeland - as jurors of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar!" Tom and Bill gave BILD their first interview on the set of the casting show.

BILD : Already discovered talent today?

Bill: "Yes, there were a few good people there..."

Tom: "But no knockouts. In any case, not today."

BILD : How do you get along with Dieter Bohlen?

Bill: "We didn't know Dieter beforehand personally, but were looking forward to doing the anniversary season of 'DSDS' with him. We hit it off right away and are having lots of fun."

BILD : You also know the dark side of show business; that surely helps with casting, right?

Bill: "I've already seen candidates, where I thought, No, that's just not for you..."

Tom: "The ones who simply want to become famous totally get on my nerves. Becoming famous is a side effect, when someone can do something really well. If you can't do anything, you also shouldn't become famous."

BILD : Two years ago, you left Germany. How is your life in Los Angeles?

Bill: "For two years now, we've systematically tried to hide ourselves. We wanted a place, where we could retreat, in order to be in private. We feel comfortable in LA, live there together with our four dogs."

BILD : Why did you essentially flee?

Tom: "We were just nonstop on-the-go for five years and had no sort of haven to retreat to. We really had the feeling of not having a home anymore - eventually it didn't matter where we slept.

BILD : A terrible feeling...

Tom: "Yes. Eventually the point came, it became a bit much and then we considered: Where could we even go? And above all, we wanted a place, where we could finally be creative again."

BILD : ... and record a new album?

Tom: "In LA, we've simply been able to make music in really relaxed fashion - that has brought us artistically a lot further. Some of it, people will never hear, but a lot of it they will."

BILD : Is there already a date for the new album?

Tom: "That's in the works. But we're leaving ourselves time."

BILD : Where do you feel at home, today?

Bill: "Actually, always wherever our family is. Of course our roots are in Germany, there will always be that homeland feeling. But Tom and I can settle in fast anywhere."

BILD : Bill, you've changed yourself optically quite nicely, the skeleton tattoo on your hand is crazy...

Bill: "I started quite early with all that! I had my first piercing at 13, my first tattoo at 15. I always liked tattoos, in the past few years I couldn't get any for reasons of time. Now I'm designing them together with a tattooer in LA.

BILD : You've also gotten quite nice muscles...

Bill (laughs): "One does what one can..."

Kaulitz Twins Backstage at DSDS with BILD reporter Patricia Driese

Larger image, click to biggen

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