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Just because you hear it, doesn’t mean it’s the truth

I don’t care who told you
Just because they said it
Doesn’t mean it’s the truth
Why would you believe that?

You filter what you hear
Taking out the unrealistic
But yet you believe this
This stupid rumor about me.

You take it to heart
As if you heard it from me
And then I’m judged
By you and the people you tell.

Along with the story
That’s now considered a fact
Cruel and harsh words slip
To the people you tell.

And what do they do
They go and believe it
Just like you did
So it’s thrown around.

It’s no big deal to you,
The words that pull me apart
Like daggers you all throw
But you don’t see the damage.

How the ridicules affect me
How you give me biased labels
How my tears flood my heart
But you’ll never see any of that.

You’re just too busy judging
And I can only be pushed so far
Then you will see what you’ve done
But it’ll be too late.

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