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Just because I agree does not make me any less of a fan.

The original letter is in italics. I've gone through and bolded the bits I agree with the most. Here goes:

This is an attempt to very respectfully ask you to take a moment, and look at the current Tokio Hotel situation from the angle most of us are seeing it from at this point.

From what I understand, you guys are under a lot of pressure from TH fans to share news and information and answer questions constantly. I also have gathered that you are all very friendly guys, and enjoy making contact with people and getting to know them. However, I feel that it is necessary at this point to get across to you the way you are now coming off to the vast majority of Tokio Hotel fans on the internet.

First of all, it will not kill us to wait for information until it is something that can be officially announced and confirmed. The constant teasing wears thin. Yes, it has been a very long time since Tokio Hotel was in the spotlight, and yes, fans are getting anxious and impatient. However, I feel that rather than encouraging fans to find something better and more constructive to do with their time during the wait (as it is NOT uncommon for artists to have huge gaps of time in between releases and/or promo), it seems as if you are throwing out little bits of information to keep them hanging on. It is not enough, and it never will be. All it serves to do is appease fans immediately, and leave them wanting for more five minutes later. It is turning much unwarranted and undeserved negativity on the artists themselves, as well, as they are who the fans truly wish to hear from, and every new piece of insubstantial news or info you give us only serves as a reminder that it is not coming from them.

Second, not to be rude, but I find myself wondering if Cherrytree is turning into a dating service, or if you guys are confusing your artists for Disney stars. For the last three years, it has been made very clear to us that the guys in Tokio Hotel are very private people. We have come to understand this, and more than that - many of us have come to work very hard to help them maintain that privacy. We care about them, and we respect them. And quite frankly, it is an insult, and feels like a kick in the face, to see someone we are largely unfamiliar with talking about their personal lives so freely. Of course, Chantelle is only answering the questions that are being thrown at her, which may give you some indication that people wouldn’t be asking the questions if they didn’t want to know. But just because we are fans, and just because some of the more invasive fans are asking, does NOT mean that the questions absolutely must be answered. Beyond merely answering the questions, your staff itself is encouraging the questions, and is quite blatantly playing up the “relationship” between Tom and Chantelle. If they truly were dating? Of course, most of us would be happy for them - but again, it would be none of our business. We do not WANT to know the intimate details of Tom’s love life. And we most especially do not want to know the intimate details of his love life from his record company, or anyone else involved in the situation besides what he himself decides to share with us. We want him to be happy, and that is as far as our noses should get into it.

It appears as if, to many of us, you are sacrificing the credibility and respect you originally had from us in the name of shameless self-promotion. It has gotten to the point where the German Fanclub (arguably one of the most reliable sources of information on the net for the band) are continuing every single week to discredit your information, feeling that you cannot be trusted anymore. I cannot help but personally find your way of handling these situations unprofessional and juvenile. I am sure that you are not the only record company to have felt this level of pressure from the fans, but never before has there been this kind of issue. The more you acknowledge it and encourage it, the worse it will get.

I also understand that you guys are getting a lot of rude messages and hate right now. I believe that everything mentioned above is where this is coming from, and this is my attempt to communicate the situation in a more respectful and intelligent manner, with a hope that it could be taken seriously. I fear that these attacks you’ve already received have closed your mind and ears to criticism, but please understand that things have progressed past your being able to comfortably ignore it altogether. If there are further questions, please feel free to contact me:

[email protected]

Thank you,



Now, some of you know me, or half know me. You know how much I rant and rave when people get too nosy with any member of Cinema Bizarre or with Space Cowboy or anyone else pops into the chat. You've seen me hold my tongue and try to be polite (even though I do start to blow up) when I want to curse someone out for spamming them with questions about girlfriends or other personal matters because they're just that: Personal matters. The same is true for Tokio Hotel and it's a crying shame that they have to deal with their record company or a label mate spilling information that they may not necessarily want spilled. I wouldn't want it spilled if I were them.

I guess that's part of the problem, isn't it? I'm not in their shoes, their label mates' shoes, their label's shoes. From the defensive ones like me, to the nosy, nagging ones, none of us are in their shoes. We can't say what's planned or not planned; we can't say who has permission to release what information.

I can say one thing, however: I'm going to continue to respect their privacy and everyone else's because that's the way I am and that's never going to change.

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