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So, it was the release of Tokio Hotel's new homepage. What do I think about the whole thing?

1. Why the hell would someone put a timer, if at the end the page wasn't good to go? Didn't they hear of something called 'backup plan' or Plan B???
2. The design. I know. The couldn't leak any new pics, or info, or music. I understand that. But... the design?!?! What in God's name is that? If I ever presented (if I dared to...) a web page like that... I wouldn't call myself a designer. The creativity was BEYOND lame. It looked like it was the homepage of "The day after tomorrow" movie. The title and the trailer. THAT would've been perfect. There's too much black space there. And menus... don't even get me started on that. So tacky.

So... final thought: I liked MORE the old version! At least the menus were creative!!!!!

I don't even know why the hell they changed it now!! If they were gonna release something, it would've been when the new CD came out! Imagine: a new CD and a homepage with hot pics (now that the new look was reveled!). I'm a 18 year old and I thought of THAT. Now COME ON people!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE/ADORE Tokio Hotel. I do. I HATE the creative designers that they have working for them.

I'm been harsh because I know that Tokio Hotel deserves so much better than that. Whoever approved/came up with that, is such an a-h*** and knows NOTHING of design nor creativity.



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