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As she cruises the Cali coast, Jessie Ware talks to us about her Barbra Streisand fascination, melatonin, old dudes at her hotel, and her top five ten dead or alive.

VICE: Are you in L.A. at the moment?
Jessie Ware: No, we're kind of somewhere between L.A. and San Francisco. I'm trying to pull myself away from McDonald’s. Oh no, I've just seen In-N-Out Burger...f***! I'm getting back in the van. But yeah, just trying not to eat In-N-Out burgers every day.

Did you get it Animal Style?
Oh yeah, I've had it Animal Style many a time. I just need to just avoid it at all costs. It's too good.

You've got to eat it with a fork…
Oh you know what? I once didn't eat it with a fork though. And I ate it in the back of a van...I had to eat with my fingers. Don't ever eat Animal Style with your fingers! The smell...

Oh my God, yes! We don't have In-N-Out in New York though.
You know what, I think that's probably the best thing because if I lived in L.A., I'd just… [pauses] However... [pauses] Oh God, I'm being that boring person that talks about food. And Whole Foods.

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