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Jessie Ware Discusses A$AP Rocky, Her Inspirations and Her Style with Vice Noisey

Noisey: So what’s the deal? Last time we spoke we were hanging out in your hood in Brixton Market, London and now you’re in NY and A$AP Rocky’s all over “Wildest Moments.”
Jessie Ware: I know, it's crazy. I saw him perform in London and we have a lot of mutual friends, weirdly. I’d heard such good things about him as a person and I think he’s wicked. Then he talked about me in an interview in London. I was in New York at the time and everyone was like, “A$AP’s just said he wants to work with you!” I was like, “Oh My God! Let’s email him and send him 'Wildest Moments.'" When the A$AP verse turned up in my inbox it was bizarre. I’ve always wanted to get a rapper on it. I’m sure I’ll meet him soon and we’ll chat. I emailed him and he was really happy.

"Imagine It Was Us” is a bit of a departure from the rest of the record.
I wanted to make one that was reminiscent of early Madonna and Janet Jackson with a bit more of dance edge because that’s where I came from. It’s a bit more of a house flex because of Bashy, but live we make it a bit more Chaka Khan. We’ve got a really over the top outro and a lot of bass slapping. I guess I’ve been touring the album and I realized I’d love a more upbeat song in the set so I wrote one. I hope people can sing along and there’s a choreographed dance in it!

Oh what! You’re doing choreography now?

I’m not! I got cut out of quite a lot of the choreography in the video I’ve seen! [Laughs] But I wanted a choreographed dance and we’ve got some hot dancers.

Read the full interview over on Vice Noisey.

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