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Hello, I just found this site and all of its music & I am so happy I did, its just what I needed in my life, new sounds and people. I recently retired from the Navy due to injury's I suffered which precludes me from returning to active duty & to my team & brothers. 

Whatever & however you may feel about politic's and such things, please don't lay it on me and at my door. I enlisted in 1977 in the Navy to get away from the Reservation I was born on in South Dakota, I had to escape the abject poverty and racism & death that was there. The Navy afforded me an opportunity to achieve a great many skill sets & travel. 

Thru it all Music has been so important to my sanity as I tried to survive many conflicts and situations. My discovery of LMFAO & Far East Movement has lead me here and to many other artists here that I am loving. I might be an old fella but my spirit and soul remain 17 : ) Thanks for taking time to read this and what may follow and be kind if you comment, respect goes along ways with me. anything else I toss out with the other haters.... Peace 2 U & urs friends. 

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