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You're BRONTOLON as they say?
I must make a confession, are actually very gruff and musone well. One wrong word, an ironic comment, and I'm the blood in the head. The fact that I am aware of my failure is a good start ... It is hard now to fix it (laughs)!

Were you a lonely teenager?
Weighed down by complex, I was a very wild child, who always kept a distance from others.

Had reason to feel bad about yourself?
Life is not always been tender with me, especially during adolescence (laughs)! First, c'ho put a little 'time to grow. I still remember that in elementary third arrived just 1.19 m (grimacing) ... And then, I was hateful of skin problems (I think it relates to pimples). As soon as I went out from school, I ran to shut in my room, praying to the sky not to meet anyone in the street. I am ashamed so much! Inevitably, all these complexes led me to isolate and they helped me to overcome my shyness.

Gone are the your old complex?
When now desperate to buy even one cm more, I had an increased dramatically and reached 1.70 m in just a few months. As for the pimples, have ceased to jump out under the action of a multitude of anti-acne treatments. Slowly I gained security. Today I feel very well with myself and I do not hesitate to irony about these old bugbear (wink) ...

How important than the opinions of others?
When younger, I suffered a lot for the opinion of others. Fortunately, over time, I finished with the ignore the sarcastic comments and I feel much more at ease. Now, I frego of what others think of me. Council at all to do the same!

The look has never been part of your concerns?
On contact with Bill and Tom have made nice progress from this point of view. On the other hand, it was time (laughs)! Before, I was able to wear the first thing that happened to me in his hands, as the T-shirt that promoted the ridiculous Val-Thorens, which was printed on a cow with your skis on! When I presented the evidence with that elusive shirt, I did laugh at all. Georg, Tom and Bill will still laugh today ... So I am more attention to my look, I even became vain ...

What qualities the girls appreciate in you?
I can seem sullen at first, but deep down I then reveals very kind and very funny. I also describe courteous, orderly and excellent cook ...

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