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HEY-O! Guess who's still up in the studio! !! ??? .................... YES! its ME!
Its been a long week! Like NO SLEEP no Clothes!...........Just kidding Im wearing clothes, but I feel FREE thats what I'm getting at!
SUGAR HIGH! shout out the the Sugar Factory for sending me a basket of candy and chocolate to the lab! such a gr8 surprise ! URgmmm

Im AM so EXCITED AND THANKFUL #SEXSELLSSTAYTOONED is officially OVER 100thousand downloads! ! ! ! ! ! ! HECKUM YEAH DAWG! ALL DAY!

OKAY so my mind is way too scatter-brain to make sense right now! It hurts like pound pound pouding but im too amped to slow down! "I dont stop its just go go go, life flies to fast to live it slow, its a precious essence everyday im thankful for the presence. presence like gifts got people to inspire and spirits to lift."

OMG we are trying to order indian food and they are IMPOSSIBLE! its like my fav spot in the val and the food is righteous but to get them deliver (two blocks away) is impossible and such a pain in the donkey to stop the sesh to go pick it up! #lame! whatever. the chicken is so worth it. HOLLA! Wassup with me only eating Indian and Thai food in the studio.
I pretty much wanna die thinking about eating hamburgers and fries lately. Although I did have the CHili Fries at Mels Drive-In the other day and it was WELL worth it! SO DELICIOUS!

There is a Lebron convo. going on in the background. so intense. like a double rainbow. people are hating. that THEGAME tweet about the girls' v smelling like Lebrons armpit made me LOL so hard. GO LAKERS Im so sad Im not at the game right now. My tix r going to waste. I should have given them to you.

you wish.

Alright Im rambling. My fingers type faster than I can think. My gifts are my greatest ? wait. I had something intellectual to say but I gave up.
If only I was really John Adams. Hes the man.
O yeah thanks for making that video viral! YEAH!


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Comment by Ethan on December 3, 2010 at 10:05pm
Way to stay on topic


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