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Have you ever touched the wind?

Have you ever fought with your own shadow?

Have you ever died in the silence of your heart?

Have you ever seen something invisible?

Have you ever seen some one else in the mirrow?

Have you ever loved someone that you really dont know, with all your heart?

Have you ever had the best dream of your life?

I´ve done all those things since you are in my life, since that blessed day when I "met" you

Now I´m tryin to let you know what do you mean to me. You are EVERYTHING in my life since I wake up till I go to bed! I think of you every time, I´m sure, I love you T** ******z Nobody cries in the middle of the night screaming your name, nobody prays all day long for your love, nobody is as crazy as me for you!

Perhaps you are thinking I´m just other Screamer-crazy one, but you are wrong, my love is as real as the shiny stars that illuminate my face every night...

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Comment by Kimm Robinson on September 3, 2009 at 7:14pm
awwwn I´m so cutie xD


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