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I'm in the Record Store, Trick: LMFAO Party Rock Album Out in Stores This Week

Hey All,

This week marks the release of the much-anticipated Party Rock album by LMFAO (RedFoo & SkyBlu). It's got those hard-knockin' beats for the dance floor as well as witty lyrics and some unexpected twists and turns (including a guest performance from Lil John). You've probably heard their songs "I'm in Miami," "La La La" and "Shots" playing on a radio station and/or club near you as well as on

You've probably also seen their hilarious "Cherrytree Chess Challenge" episode right here on in which RedFoo from LMFAO takes on Cherrytree's Chief Finacial Officer, Ike, in an intense, high-stakes game of chess ( Now you can check out their new album, Party Rock, at a physical or digital record store near you.

In addition to rocking one of the dopest fro's since Rob Tyner, RedFoo is a supa produca having produced the songs on Party Rock. I remember the very first time I met him in our offices, we talked about the program Ableton Live for an hour.

There's also a pretty gross anecdote I'll share about the filming of the Cherrytree Chess Challenge: After the match was finished, RedFoo quietly took the protective cup you see him wearing in the episode and Scotch-taped it to my computer mouse along with some hair which I'll presume he got from his head (but looked like it could have been from elsewhere). Then, RedFoo innocently asked me to look something up on When I went to grab the mouse, well ... you get the picture. I think he even filmed the whole thing on his Flip camera so you'll have to send him a mail and ask him to post it ... or NOT.

Thanks and happy listening,

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