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I am just absolutely, irrevocably & eternally IN LOVE with the new album - even though or because it's so fundamentally different from the TH style I initially fell in love with. To me it's the biggest musical masterpiece & achievement with perfection down to the last note - the sound is so rich on so many levels. And the GERMAN lyrics are amazing, brilliant and deep - something that means a lot to me as a writer!

Just can't stop listening to the German album on "infinite loop"... and still can't decide which German song I like best yet... I have 8 songs on rank 1 !!!
1. Für immer jetzt, Lass und laufen, Geisterfahrer, Zoom, Komm, Kampf der Liebe, Menschen suchen Menschen, Alien (German Version)
2. Träumer, Sonnensystem, Hunde, Humanoid (GV), In your Shadow, Attention
3. Down on you, Screamin'
4. Noise, World behind my Wall, Forever Now, Hey du & Hey you

I can do without most of the English versions though ... Weird, especially for me... But I love some of the English-only songs =)

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