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so today I felt like trying something new. I want to make people happy today...... I wonder what my horoscope says about this... so I'm going to try to please people in any way, starting with the person I want to see the most succeed, Bill Kaulitz. When I first learned about Tokio Hotel It was from my little sister a friend of hers just moved here from Germany and introduced her to Tokio Hotel. I didn't think about it at first but then one of their music videos came on T.V. Me and my friend were shocked, The song was amazing. We then hopped on the computer to learn more about the band. At first we thought Bill and Georg were the Twins, they look so alike, and that Tom was a girl, sorry tom, but we found out the truth. We then went to learn about their songs. I know own the Cd Scream Us bonus tracks and I have all of their other songs in English and all their songs in German. Their songs make me feel alive, and sometimes sad. It's a miracle that I got to hear them, now I'm so happy. But I worry about Bill and the risks he his taking with his life. Yes It's his life it's none of my Business but I'm worried, and I worry a lot. I don't want him leaving us but more importantly his brother. Tom Loves Bill a lot and cares for him, and If bill left Tom would probably be sad and who knows what else could happen. It's a worry I carry with me and I wish the best for the band and their family and friends. I want to change even if a little so I'll start the change by trying to understand others and hopefully help them in the end.

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