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So, I've been 22 all of an hour and a half, and I cant say that I'm entering this new year of my existence happily

I had my heart broken by someone I havent even met

Which in and of itself sounds so ridiculously stupid I can hardly believe it myself

So, now an hour and a half into my 22 year on this earth, I denounce love

If the way my last relationship ended was any indicator, I'm making a wise decision

When your now ex is involved in a car wreck only a week and a half into your relationship, loses three years worth of memories and essentially forgets your entire existence, then its time to step down and walk away from the love

I cant believe how low I am - today should be happy

But all I can think about is how lonely I am

How the only way I receive any mind from either gender is to behave like a whore, which is so not me, its laughable

I just want the hurting to stop

I want my misfortune to end

Dont I deserve even a small run of luck?

Havent I earned the right to find a little happiness with another?

Apparently not

I dont know how much further down I need to go before the universe will see fit to end this continuous cycle of pain

I dont know how much harder I have to put it out there into the cosmos that I am lonely and want to meet my someone

I only that going into this year, I only had one wish and I shant receive it

I want to be loved

Familial love is good

Friendly love is great

But neither are what I desire as I have them

I want the romantic love that has eluded me for so long

And yet...that one wish of wishes, all I want and have wanted, and wished for for the last 6 years of my life will not be granted

When will I - if ever - be loved?

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