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Hello! *sigh* This is my first ever formal blog that's ever been posted here in the net. Well, here goes my first ever essay on the way I view love. I don't really know *hehehe* but this had just popped up in my head. I hope you peeps would like it. Well, here goes nothing...

"I thought you hurt me and I tried to go away. I told myself to never fall for you again. But I can't understand why am I still here waiting for you even though I was badly hurt, I still came back. It's like the hurt and the pain you've made me feel is gone in one flick. Already forgotten. It's like I've forgotten the wound that shattered my heart into pieces. You said you don't like me, you said my love isn't real, you said I'm just pretending. How can you know the truth if you don't even try. It's like magic, it's like nothing had happened. Amnesia? I don't think so. Visions still remain, but the hurt I can barely feel it no more. Scars still exist. Everything felt brand new. I don't care what you do to me now. No matter what you say, I'll never go away. But if the time comes and still you haven't realized it yet, no need to worry I'll go right away, no hard feelings. I'll do anything just to make my loved one happy. What is this feeling I feel... I don't like it. Even though you hurt me and don't believe me, why do I keep coming back for more? I hate you for making me feel this way. I hate you, why can't I stop loving you. I wish this fades away."

-jd- :))

What do you think? I'm not sad nor disappointed but maybe it's because... Nah, nevermind! :D lol! Maybe it's because of the experiences you gain and you tend to get inspirations from it. Well, to be honest, this is about a boy whom I have a crush with and he ignores me, as if I don't exist and I'm a complete invisible person. *phew* That was long. *breath* Thanks for reading! I appreciate it! Now why don't you comment? :)

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