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I one month... My life's gonna be change !

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hi my lovely Cherrytree friends!

What's up there? It's been a looooong-long time I've not been here! :O
I have to tell you, I get:



(Con-con-congretulatioooooons to me !!! ♪ )

Also, I have a summer-job ( I don't know if it's right in english, but whatever, you'd understand me! ;) ) so every month, it's like a JACKPOT for my Bank Count ! Hahahahaha :D

Today, we're August 14th 2012, I'm already 19 since 8 days! And in one month, I'll move on Germany, in Cologne (Köln) and I'm so excited about that!!!! *___* 

I lost my friends, exept one. So, I really need to change my life... 

(P.S: on that picture, there's my American friend Anne and I. I'm wearing the green tee shirt and YES I wear glasses >_<)

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