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5 Sep 2009 22:22
heyaaaaa guys bethore i get started irll make one thing clear to bill and tom

ITCH LIEBE DICH.... if iv done that right lol..
the reasons i love you to is becouse 1 your smiles 2 you laught 3 your persinalty... but what i dont like you for if your fame well obviously i do becouse i love you music to death what i ment by that is i dont love you for what you are i love you for who you are if you understand :D i think you 2 are the best german lads in the world and its a pitty to know irll never ever evan talk to you but its ok to dream every onece in a while right no harm done :D well i hope making your new album humanoid was fun and i cant wait to by it ganna be awsume my favirot song of your is monsoon of course its old but the best and by the way guys absultly loving the new hair bill yours is awsome and so is yours tom but i preferd the long blonde dreads thats my opinion but i still suits you :D your both absulty stunning ! and a couple of words for gustav and george right guys first of all your really nice guys BUT you really really need to speak more it would be great to here you speak a little bit more in the interviews lol :D well i must go now so irll write to you again some other time bye bye ITCH LIEBE DICH TOKIO HOTEL :D:D:D

x x x x x x x _______ _______
x o o x
x \----/ x o o
x x x x x x x . love you x


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Tags: bill, hotel, kaultiz, tokio, tom


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