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Iz me again!

This time, I'm not directing my blog directly at Tokio Hotel fans.

((Although most of these people ARE fans!!))

I'm here to talk abut Twitter.

More specifically, my twitter friends.

Yes, my "friends".

A year ago, if someone had told me they had friends on the internet, true friends who they love & respect, I would have burst out laughing!

But, now I have a deeper perception of what it really is.

I talk to these people everyday, for hours, just talking abuot random stuff. Mostly Tokio Hotel, though (:

And I've come to the conclusion that without Tokio Hotel, I would not know some of these incredible people!

Tokio Hotel has opened up a world which I hardly knew existed. A million doors opened before my eyes, a million possibilities. A hundred daydreams, a dozen futures, a thousand minutes on just Tokio Hotel related things. It's almost.. un-understandable.

Sometimes, I do wonder how I ended up here. How I went from that little girl asking her daddy what type of music he likes, to a teenage Tokio Hotel-obsessed twitter loving girl. It's mindboggling how much people change.

I honestly don't know... how this has become my present. Sitting at the computer, laughing, socializing, making new friends. But now... I can't wait for my future.

I realy hope that future holds meeting my twitter friends in person, or meeting Tokio Hotel, and who wouldn't mind a little surprises along the way?! ;D

I would give shoutouts, but these people don't need to be told for the millionth time that I love them. And I think there would be too many ;D

But some of my BEST friends are @___TK, @BonjourMariah, @CinemaHotelxo, @GabetheGreat98,@Phantomriderxo, @imlola, @Demi_smiles, @EchoLiebe, just to name a few. Sorry if I forgot to mention you, but you know I love you!!!

Much love,
SeleneK xoxo

((You can follow me on twitter at @TokioHotelArmy))

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Comment by Tokio Hotel Liebe Immer on October 21, 2009 at 5:50pm
I know exactly what you mean!
I've experianced THe same.



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