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I Got Freewired In Tulsa (picture blog)

On December 18, 2010 I (and my mom) was lucky enough to get to take a trip up to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a trip to (106.9 K-HITS) Jingleball where none other than our very own Far East Movement was playing... And I owe a BIG thanks to Martin and Cherrytree for this experience, so Thank You!


When we arrived at the Mabee Center, We were assisted by their team and the cordiantor of the event, Jet Black, to get our seats and passes for later on that night... 



This is the view from where our "seats" were... Not bad

As nervous as I was for what was coming in later that night, you can imagine the shock and extra wave of nervousness I got when I received a sudden tweet from @cherrytreerec saying "c u there ethan" 

.... and then later when I saw another public tweet from @cherrytreerec stating that they were heading down to Tulsa with Frankmusik and Tamar in tow... you could imagine my anxiety.


As the night went on, I floated around the venue... heres a good shot from Hanson's set that i got from front row... until two women came and claimed their spots.

Then I turned the camera off and enjoyed the show... It was a pretty long show for me since Far East Movement was going to be the last set of the night (they had just got done doing a show in Oklahoma City and were making their way to Tulsa right after).


Mike Posner.... being Mike Posner...


While all of this was going on, I was busy making preparations for what was coming up...


Soon after, I got my Artist Pass and All Access Passes and headed up to front row (Thank You Christian), where Christian (guy who works for Interscope traveling with Far East Movement at that time) stood guard and made sure I didn't get kicked out again... (of course I had permission to be up there anyways.. but still)


And Heres Where The Night Began: 


Virman didn't want anyone setting up his gear for him, so he took over (check it, he's got a pair of Pros on :))


And the party begins 



GO APE! This ish IS bananas!


Tamar joining onstage to cover for Dev in "Like a G6"


I thought this was a really good shot.

And finally ( :( ) they ended their set with Rocketeer which featured Frankmusik that night... and MAN, did he kill that part (in a good way!)!


"I want allll the Dreamers out there... to put One Finger Up... because tonight... were Rocketeers" -Kevnish


(In pictures) That pretty much sums up their show.


This was seriously one of the highlights of my life, It was amazing to get to experience something like this, and once again, Thank you Cherrytree!


At some point during their show, they actually all recognized me from the audience (honestly, I had my bright red cherrytree shirt, and was the only one in the audience with three fingers up [I gotta admit, i gots swag like that]) and they all pointed to me, and smiled... I was so freewired at that moment. 


Heres the videos I captured of their performance (sorry, for any shakiness, loosing track, or anything that may have happend)

  Far East Movment Live Videos



Heres what happened after their set... I exited front row stage right and met back up with Christian where we set off right behind the stage and into backstage where all the magic happens.  


This was really cool: When the door to their dressing room was opened and Virman saw me, I could see that THEY couldn't believe I was there. I was greeted like a friend who they hadn't seen in a long time (as people told me they probably would)... I mean, they even knew my name (pays off to be a rec'er i guess :))! We just hung out for a while ( I was the only person back there) I got to speak and actually talk to them.. but it was obvious they were really tired (Florida, and two Tulsa shows in one day? WOW) so I let them be, and rest a little bit, get to know other people... I talked to Martin for a bit, and gave him a poster of rock in roll pins in the shape of a tree (coincidence?) as a thank you for all that was happening to me at the moment.  And then I snuck to the back of the dressing room and met Tamar Kaprelian and Vincent Frank (aka Frankmusik). Those were the two I spent most of my time talking to and it was great getting that chance to know them. Tamar was really sweet and was actually concerned of how I was shivering (nerves... she thought I was cold!), and Frankmusik was really cool and we just talked about... Life! It was all very surreal for me at first, but then once I got settled in a little bit, it felt like I'v known these people for a long time! There was absolutely NO reason to be as nervous as I was.


Heres some pictures from the dressing room: 


(I like this picture because NO ONE is paying attention... kindof summed up the energy going on in there]) (J-Splif, Frankmusik, Me, tamar, Kevnish, Virman, Proh)



my mom was creeping in the corner



I GOT TO TRY ON A HELMET! (Jsplif, Me, Kevnish, Virman, and Proh!)



Martin! Thank you so much dude! ... incase I havent said that yet.

... I know.. these pictures are getting kindof random.


I like this picture because you can see an equal amount of dork running through Frankmusik and I.


I love the faciel expressions going on here. 



A great memory behind this.



And then my mom got in!

Probably my favorite picture of the night.  Tamar really liked the front LCD screen on my camera which caused this quick 

snapshot.... very organic moment


My Goodies!



This is a very true statement....

They were very appreciative that I went out and bought the vinyl... and yes, Martin's Vinyl Vault was mentioned that night... and 

yes, that is my snuggie in the background.

I was so surprised that Tamar and Frankmusik were going to be there... I didn't even have anything for them to sign... So Tamar 

signed one of my artist passes. :


And Frankmusik took this Polaroid out of his wallet, signed it, and gave it to me.  Very nice of him. (hope it didnt have to much sentimental value :/)



WELL! thank you guys for reading ALL of this.  This is an experience I will never forget, and that I am very greatfull for.  Being a Rec'er is one of the coolest things that I can do with supporting the artist, discovering new music, and even sometimes getting to do stuff like this (and hopefully Ill get to do something like this again soon!). Once again, BIG thanks to Martin for this. If theres one thing I regret about this night it would be being so nervous... These are some of the most down to earth and friendly people I have ever meet: True artist and True people.... It makes you proud to support and get to know these people.   CHERRYTREEDOME! (this was a very fun blog to write if you can tell...)


Oh! Two more pictures. We took these on the way there and on our way out the venue.


On the way.


Leaving :(



I was on a high about all of this for the next couple of days.



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Comment by iRiNa on January 8, 2011 at 8:46pm
amazing :D glad you had fun dear!
Comment by Martin on January 8, 2011 at 6:15pm

Great blog, Ethan.  You captured the fun we all had that evening.  Thanks for the poster and for making your way to Tulsa that day.  Say hi to your mom. 

Comment by KATZ on January 8, 2011 at 1:32pm
Comment by Christine(aka xtine) on January 7, 2011 at 11:55pm
Good job ethan, I know the feeling.  It really is a great thing being a rec'er and fm are such cool guys too besides their awesome music. 


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