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I believe in Tokio Hotel. This German emo/pop band has helped me through almost every rough patch in my life. Well, ever since I’ve heard their music at least. I love all of their songs, but there are four that are really dear to me.

Their song “Automatic” is about a relationship that the “love” isn’t really there. That it’s fake. “Automatic, automatic, your automatic and your heart’s like an engine. I die with every beat.” Almost every relationship that I’ve been in ended up being “automatic.” “There’s no real love in you, there’s no real love in you, there’s no real love in you, why do I keep loving you?” After my last breakup, I went to the library with my friend Shauna and borrowed a CD. This CD was the one that looked the most interesting to me. The title of that album was Humanoid by Tokio Hotel. I muttered “hmm... this looks interesting…” Shauna leaned towards me with a puzzled look upon her face, “What?” I looked at her as if I was a deer staring at the headlights of a car, “Hmm? Oh, never mind…”

The powerful lyrics from Tokio Hotel’s song called “Attention” are almost the same words that I said to my last boyfriend when I broke up with him. “Sick and tired of needing your attention, I chose to be lonely, than live without your attention.”  He never really paid any attention to me, but when he did, he wasn’t very respectful to my feelings.

“Zoom into me” is one of the most powerful songs Tokio Hotel has ever written. This is because I can relate to it the most. My friend Nghia (pronounced like near) has ALWAYS been there for me. ”I feel you. Don’t look away. Zoom into me, zoom into me, I know you’re scared. When you can’t breathe, I will be there, zoom into me.”  He has watched me suffer through every relationship, and every struggle I have ever had. I have lost count of how many times I’ve cried on his shoulder. I’m truly grateful that he’s my friend, because without him, I would be nothing.

Tokio Hotel’s lyrics mean a lot to me because they not only talk about relationships, but they also talk about standing up for what you believe in. A great example of that would be their song “Noise.” “Make some noise, here and now, noise, to the world, noise, all the things you believe in…” When I was young, I was taught the importance of standing up for what I believe in. I was always told by my sisters to “Stand up for what you believe in; even if you stand alone.” And that saying has and will always stick with me throughout my life.

With all of my heartbreak and life’s most trying predicaments in mind, I am beyond doubt grateful that a fantastic band like Tokio Hotel exists, because I now know that even famous people go through what seems like an emotional hell. Tokio Hotel has dried my tears that have soaked my face for a very long time. They have taught me that whenever life gives you pain, you are a stronger person in the end. That, my friends, is why I believe in Tokio Hotel.

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