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I am experiencing a huge onslaught of bitterness

The gates of which were, once again, opened by my obtuse to the emotions of others roommate

She had the audacity to bring up my ex...the one who forgot about me due to a brain injury, the one whom I never had true closure with

Yeah...that one

And then she doesnt come home because she's spending the night with her boyfriend again

The one she's always gushing about around me, knowing full well I've asked her quite nicely to not bring him up around me because it quite frankly hurts and digs at some wounds that I'm trying desperately to close

Yeah...that one

I swear - as much as I want to be in a loving relationship, as much as I project that into the universe, that cry is just not being heard
My luck in almost all aspects of my life is still at an all time low

My heart is aching from the loneliness constantly, and I can ask myself is where ARE you?
Where are you, the one who can make this pain stop?
Where are you, one who can end the loneliness?
Where are you, the one who will love me?
Are you even alive?
Do you even exist anymore?
Did you ever?

Maybe I should stop kidding myself, and just give it up
I dont know what else to do anymore

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