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Tokio Hotel's brand new album 'Humanoid' is available now available in the US!

For the first time ever in the USA Tokio Hotel's album will be available in both English and German! Not only that but your copy of Humanoid (Standard Edition) will be the key that grants you special VIP access to the bands website where you'll be able to see 3D photo's from the Automatic video shoot, a behind the scenes picture gallery and you'll have access to karaoke videos for three of the new songs!

Hot Topic's release of Humanoid consists of the STANDARD version plus the exclusive bonus track 'In Your Shadow'.

iTunes will be releasing an exclusive digital version of Humanoid that consists of the STANDARD album plus the bonus track 'Down On You' when you purchase the full album.

The German version of Humanoid will be available to purchase exclusively at Best Buy and will be packaged with the DELUXE version of 'Humanoid'. The Best Buy version of Humanoid will have a total of 28 songs.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, check out the links below to buy the album online! Alternatively you can just drop by one of the stores to pick up your copy.

Best Buy
Exclusive (With German CD)

Hot Topic
Standard Album with Bonus Track "In Your Shadow"

iTunes - with bonus track "Down On You"

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Comment by darkndevilish on October 7, 2009 at 1:43am
Hey guys, if I told you how much I am IN LOVE with this album, I would have to start swearing - it's THAT GOOD! Amazing job all round - congratulations to everyone involved and I hope it goes on to HUGE success. Also, great interview with the twins - so nice to hear a fresh batch of questions and answers.

Favorite tracks are Human Connect To Human and Zoom Into Me, which brought tears to my eyes, it was that beautiful. It's going to be so cool to see these live!
Comment by Schnee on October 6, 2009 at 1:18pm
Some notes from harlequinn about what we are seeing for those who are buying the CDs.

Some notes on purchasing the Exclusive versions (by me):


Best Buy preorders seem to have hit a SNAFU – many preorders of the Exclusive version with the German CD ($13.99) are on backorder. Some of the orders were filled and are in transit, so it isn’t ALL preorders, but it seems to be affecting a lot of people. Note that if you ordered the $16.99 version, it is not the Exclusive version, even though the label linked to that listing. Fans who ordered that version have so far received the regular Deluxe, without the German CD. The Exclusive is SOLD OUT online, so if you are having issues, it’s probably best to hit a brick-and-mortar if you can to get it as soon as possible and sort out any exchanges/refunds later.

In store, most fans have had luck finding the Best Buy Exclusive, but note that only a few copies available


If you want the bonus track “In Your Shadow I Can Shine,” you have to buy the STANDARD Hot Topic version. The song is NOT listed in the tracklist on the back cover, it looks like a regular Standard CD. There is a sticker that mentions a bonus track – basically, you want the one that says it has 12 tracks (it really has 13), not 16. Hot Topic is pushing the Deluxe, which does not have “Shadow” on it, and the clerk at mine was not aware of the Exclusive track, so you have to go in knowing what you want rather than depending on them to tell you exactly what each version has.

Hot Topic also has another t-shirt package special – buy a t-shirt (my choices were the new red on black band shirt or the grey one with the stacked TVs) for $20, get the CD for free. Good deal!


itunes has been pretty smooth sailing – but if you didn’t preorder it, you’ve missed the boat on getting the bonus track “Attention.
Comment by Alpaca Mom on October 6, 2009 at 7:06am
I bought the Best Buy version because my kids love to listent to the songs in German as well as English. Thank you!


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