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The [Tokio Hotel] Album is very nice.
I was surprised, actually. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. I really thought they were gonna disappoint - but I kept an open-mind, this was new. && ii am one not to Judge. ii kept my mouth shut till' ii had heard everything, read lyrics, etc.
Some songs I fell for quickly - the sound, and lyrics | I loved it.
Like 'ZOoM iNtO Me'. Its really sweet. I think its my most favorite of all.
'DARk SiDE Of tHE SUN' - was one that ii lyked from before - wenn iit leaked, && was incomplete.
'hUMANOid' jst sounds cool...iiM still studyin' the lyrics... o.0? -L0L-
Its jst...unsual, who would of thought of a song named 'Humanoid' - much less an Album.
...It sounds lyk a Video Game to me >.<
But Beyonce did 'Halo'. So...iz all gud. [ ii personally love dat song, too]
Anwayz! Finally - 'WORld bEhiNd My WAll' - ii think its a very heart-felt song.
ii Can see the message, && meaning easily.
--- Da rest, give me time. Its lyk falling in love [o.0? -L0L-] comes at its time.

[Automatic is very nice too, jst not in dis list - dis is for da songs in da album ii didnt hear, till now]

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