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To anyone with working ears, ‘Trouble’ comes across as a very honest record. It’s not everyday you hear ballads involving chardonnay and oxy from a pop singer. But have you ever been pressured to be something that you’re not in an effort to compete with the current leading ladies of pop?

With my new album ‘Trouble,’ it was really easy for me to avoid anything like that with anyone. Because instead of the album being a sexy pop album or me trying to be the best that I can be to compete against every other female pop star in the market, it’s the opposite. I decided to expose every worst moment, every f*** up I’ve made, every terrible thing that has ever happened to me. And because it’s my memories and my story, I’m not worried about somebody else whose song is coming out before mine sounding similar or being compared to anyone else because I don’t know any other female pop star who ran away from a cult or tried to burn the house down with her and her boyfriend in it, who was almost committed, who was arrested, medicated, got a restraining order. It’s more of a documentary or autobiography — it’s feel bad, feel good music. I guess I’m sort of the poster child that everyone shouldn’t aspire to be.

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