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Whoa man, my very first blog post on here! What even goes in these things? I've only ever blogged for fun with a couple of close friends, so this is kind of new. I would just like to say that so far I love Cherrytree Records. I mean, this is a place where I can come and discover new stuff and share things I love with others. I must thank my super cool friend Katherine for introducing me to this. I met her at my first Ellie Goulding concert, we stood in line next to each other waiting to get in, and she was so friendly and funny, I knew we had to be friends. Anyways, she was all jazzed about how awesome Cherrytree was, she got me all jazzed about it too! So here we are. My name is Courtney, but everyone just calls me Ginger, because of my red hair. I live in Indiana for now but hope to see more of the world in the future. I'm excited to start blogging!


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