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Who is Bella in this movie? Bella is a lady who cries for her beloved, the vampire, and who wishes to give up her life as a living person, perhaps give up on her soul, for the man she loves. She is about to graduate and yet she shows no interest in a career path. She doesn't plan for college. She has no hobbies. She makes no plans at all, apart for the near-suicidal thoughts of giving upher life to be next to a vampire.

What a message for girls! It's a good thing she has two different male figures - strong, agile, kind-hearted, etc. - who wish nothing else than *protect* her of the dangers of the world out there. Good thing indeed! And you have to wonder why two guys would be so much in love with a girl who has barely any personality. She has no passions to speak of, no knowledge on a specific subject, she can hardly even smile!! How gracious is that? But in Stephanie Meyer's world, a girl can only be happy while she sits idly next to a guy watching him fix motorcycles. Then she can almost smile at times. It takes a guy to make a girl happy, nothing more or less! Bella risksher life on a frequent basis just so, during the adrenaline rushes, she can "meet" Edward. Oh yeah, the guy who leaves her and yet deserves all that. Seriously, how much more of a doormat could that girl be?

And is it really what girls are watching and getting their messages from? How about when they find out that, in the real world, boys have sexual urges and won't be so respectful as vampires and werewolves? How much of their selves and safety and self-respect will they give up for the *honor* of being with a guy?

In short, the movie only wasn't boring when it irritated me for its messages for girls. Moms who takes their kids to this movies, please... talk to them that inthe real world guys are our equals and nothing more than that.

it's true, that's why I'm so irritating with her character

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